Our All-Stars



Business Owner

So this is me! I’m Leanne.
Im a lifelong animal lover and enthusiast and after the birth of our Daughter (who coincidentally is animal crazy) I left my job of 17 years and after working for a large animal encounter company I decided to start up my own business. 
I have a passion for all things animal (except butterflies I should add) and wanted to make animal encounters something that could be enjoyed and afforded by all. 
All the animals that come along are first and foremost much loved family pets! They are so much more to us than ‘tools’ and that can be seen by their calm and gentle nature whilst out on visits. 
I am fully DBS checked and my business is fully insured. 
If you have any questions - get in touch! Always happy to have a chat and discuss your needs. 
Thanks for looking!




Introducing you to Hamster Sarah! 
Sarah became a very good friend of ours when she bought a baby hamster from us many moons ago. Since then we’ve shared many years of friendship due to our shared love of animals. Sarah helps us out with Parties and Events and has a HUGE collection of her own beautiful animals including a blind Owl 🦉



Business Manager

Due to the amount of work that goes in to running our business behind the scenes. We have a dedicated Business Manager. 
Sam deals with the running of the business, the finances and the bookings. 
Since joining us here at Leanimals, Sam has reluctanltly conquered his ‘dislike’ of those with 8 legs 🕷